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Capturing  the Personality of the Moment! Petals & Prints Photography specializes in Outdoor Wedding and Portrait Photography.  We strive to provide outstanding service and an unparalleled photographic experience. Photographs have the ability to take you back in time to special moments in history.  We cherish the opportunity to be involved in our clients' most intimate journeys-- young love, new life, and memory markers along the way.  It's not something we take lightly.

Photographer- Nicole Clark

I was born and raised in Puyallup Washington. I attended Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah where I compiled my interest of nature and language, art and design into a Bachelor of Science Degree in Landscape Design.

Practicing photography began within my high school walls in 1996. With an introduction to basic principles and a teacher ready for an eager student, I began to explore the world of photography.

My beginnings in high school helped me continue the arts. While in college, I developed my skills with on-the-job training--taking numerous engagement photos and some headshots for aspring actors to make extra spending cash. I really gained a deep love for outdoor portrait photography during this period of my life, and became more adapt at recognizing natural components of composition, framing and repetition within my photographs.

Ten days after moving to Fort Worth, Texas in 2003, I met the love of my life. Happily married, and with our young son, we reside in Granbury, Texas. It wasn't too long after meeting my husband that I recognized he has quite a talent in capturing moments with a camera too....and he has a natural ability to calm and entertain clients in all situations. When not working, we're out in nature somewhere making memories.

Weddings, portraits and events are what we photograph now, however a scenic view or natural occurance of beauty grabs the lenses attention now and again.

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